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Mr. Clean Auto Dry Car Wash


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I just got one for $18 at Wallyword and I love it. Basically it has a de-ionizor filter for the final rinse and the soap has some kind of stuff in it to help it sheet off.

I washed my car with it today in about 10 to 15 mins and it looks like I spent an hour drying it with a shammi. anyone who washes their cars by hand MUST have it. It has a rinse setting you use to wet the car, then you flip a switch and it sprays the soap. After the car is covered in soap, I used my fluffy wash mit all over the car then flip it back to rinse. After all the suds are gone, you flip it to the dry rinse and it sprays a light spray through the ion filter and you basically just rinse away the previos rinse water. It really does just sheet off. GET ONE!


1999 STS 65k

1995 STS 127k

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doesnt work for me... I also think the water pressure is too low..and the mist in the end? WTH is that for! it takes forever to "mist" the whole car..its a Cadillac=big car for crying out loud ..used it once never tried it again..i prefer the traditional way...

But it does work for some people... heard a couple of stories of good and bad

Plus the filters and saop that they recommend you use because other soaps will clog the unit..are all but a bit too expensive for me.. and im in HIgh school, so penny pincher i am :D

BTW i detail cars on the side, trust me their are more than a couple ways to dry your car, which ever suits you best.

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Shoot...Not a bad idea!

Thanks franey.

PS, I recently got one of those Mr Clean jobbies at WallyMart too...Works great, especially if your'e in a hurry... ;)

'93 STS.. opened, dropped, wide...fast.

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What's in it that makes the water sheet I wonder?

E, (if I may call you E) :P

I don't think its adding any chemicals (like a dishwasher spot remover). Its probably what's NOT in the water - that allows the water to dry without spotting (typically dissolved minerals - otherwise known as "hardness"). :unsure: However, it is conceivable that they still use a tiny amount of wetting agent along with a hardness remover. <_<

I have not sent any time researching it, but I'd guess it has a small di-ionizer (zeolite resin) cartridge inside to "trap" the calcium/magneisum carbonate or hardness. That is also why it it needs replacement cartridges, depending on how much final rinse water is dionized and how hard that amount of water was to begin with. The final rinse droplets are made to be very fine and spread out - because of the relatively low flow that is availabe after the cartridge (and only a little is really needed to rinse away the hard water from the primary rinse).

If it had a "flushing action" that tended to waste water out a side port - while it generated the final rinse water, then it might have a set of "reverse osmosis" membranes inside it - instead of a cartridge.

The soap probably assists the end result, like the Zip wash and other car wash products that do not strip the wax as much as regular detergent.

Folks that have a water softener (the same salt-regenerated zeolite resin) might try to their own soft water for a final rinse. However most water softeners are only on the inlet to the hot water heater (for laundry and bathing). Sometimes the rinse cycle of an automatic water softener is a bit short and the water can taste a bit salty... If it is salty - that would not be too good for rinsing either. :(

Regardless of exactly how it works - it seems to be an innovative product that will do well. ;)

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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I usually don't say much off topic BUT... I'm glad somebody came up with a usefull application for those power blowers. Everytime I see someone standing

there blowing grass or leaves or whatever, I just shake my head and say to myself

(and you folks now) "and they wonder why we have problems".


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I've used to Mr. Clean a few times with mixed results. The filter cartridge doesn't seem to last anywhere near the ten washes it claims. I get about two maybe three washes per cartridge. It works great when it works, but those cartridges are just two expensive to only last two or three washes. I have switched back to hand washing, but the Auto Dry can be useful if you want to spend the money for the cartridges.

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I bought about 4 months ago and determined it to be a money pit, but I do think that the spray nozzle is great, so I just add in my regualar soap, spary it down, yet I still use a bucket of water, this causes alot of suds which I like.

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