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Adapting 4T60E to Allante engine

Ed Hall

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I opened the transmission pan on my 1987 Allante and found it full of clutch material and some small chunks of hard parts. This F-7 transmission is way too expensive to rebuild because of nonstandard parts. The possibility of finding a good 1987 F7 transmission in which there were 2 different models for that same year is virtually impossible. What I am looking at now is the possibility of putting in a 4T60E that was used in the 90-92 Eldorado/Seville. Can the Allante ECM be made to work with this transmission? Are the control commands essentially the same? I’m hoping that all that would need to be done is swapping around some wires to make it work.

If the 4T60E transmission cannot be made to work, there’s always the 440-T4 without all the electronics. The biggest problem here is that the check engine light will always be on. This I can live with.

Another question I have is if I have to use a transmission from an Eldorado/Seville. I heard that the Eldorado/Seville transmissions have some extra mounting holes on the case that the others don’t have. They also have a VCC clutch not found in other transmissions.

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There was a '87 Allante owner who contacted us looking for transmission parts. This company claimed to still have parts available for those trans.

bulk parts

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