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94 Deville Blower Inop

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Hi to all you Caddy owners! I myself own Mercurys. The last GM I owned was a 1980 Chevy Malibu. That's been a few years back, so I'm not used to working on GM cars. A friend of mine has a 1994 Cadillac Deville. He tells me the A/C is not working. I'm not sure it's his A/C because his blower motor doesn't run at all.

I remeber there was a pressure swtich on the receiver/dryer on my GMs (back in the day) that would go bad. I could remove the harness and jump a wire across it. If the A/C started to work it was the switch or low on feon. But I'm not sure where to start on his Deville. I read through some of the forums here about a "blower conrol modual." Should I start with this device? What other items should I look for as to why his blower won't run? Any help will be appreciated. :D

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Does the blower work with the heat cranked?? Check that first as it will determine if this is an A/C problem or not.

I believe in 94 Cadillac did away with the control module and went to a low profile brush-less motor (but don't quote me on that).

You can test the motor itself for continuity with a voltmeter or continuity tester. If it tests OK then try checking the connections to see if they are clean and making contact. You can also try running wires straight from the battery to the motor and seeing if it works. If the motor tests bad, then I'd say it is safe to try a replacement motor from a wrecker as these particular motors sometimes can just quit out of the blue with no warning from what I understand.

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When I came into this, my friend had already changed the blower motor with a new one. That's when he asked me to help him figure out what's wrong. I haven't seen the car yet and I am doing research before I get started. Thanks for the help. I will take any advice I can get.

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Simultaneously press and hold the OFF and WARMER buttons on the climate control panel and write down any codes that appear on the information center. If it is a refrigerant issue, there will be a low refrigerant code stored.

Cadillac uses temperature and pressure sensors in the refrigerant lines in order to control the system and shut down the compressor. It is not just a single pressure switch like the cars had 30 years ago. Do not jumper any of the sensors in the system - you can cause issues with the ACM, etc.

If the compressor is engaged, feel the evaporator inlet and outlet pipes - they should be very close to each other in temperature. If the outlet is warmer than the inlet pipe, the system is likely low on refrigerant but you need to determine the problem is a bad blower motor or something else.

By the way, the new blower motor design requires the use of the foil backed fiberglass heat shield. Make sure such a shield is installed. If it is not, buy one from the dealer and install it or the new blower motor won't last long.

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