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Windshield Washer Heater Removal

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It was addressed in two recalls, one of which involved a $100 customer payment and technician work in the car, which is more than would have been spent in replacing the heater, which shows that this issue didn't fall in the cracks. Since their final solution was more expensive than replacing the part with a new design, something else happened. A safety issue -- car fires -- caused the recall, and they spent more to eliminate the heater than to replace it, which indicates that a solution was not available to them.

If you disagree, that's fine, it's a free country.

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you might be right. Who knows.........

I can think of a few solutions to make the system work safely and I am certainly not an engineer.

1) run a hose or tube (from the radiator) through the WW container which would heat the fluid. Use a thermostat in line to stop the flow of hot water when it gets too hot.

2) Use a heated air fan under the WW bottle. Doesn't actually go in the bottle, just under it. Use a thermostat to turn system on when ambient temp. drops below 32 degrees.

I am sure there are plenty more, so who knows what the Company was thinking??

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