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The BEST Cadillac is the one that fits your lifestyle. Some Cadillac Drivers are all about having the fastest sedan in the world, and the Cadillac CTS-V fits. Other Cadillac Drivers need luxury and performance and to carry 7, or to tow, or to occasionally get offroad to survey land, and the Escalade family is [...]

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FORGET "BEST CADILLAC".....how about the BEST vehicle I've ever owned has been my 2005 Cadillac Escalade. The Escalade has been a sheer pleasure to drive over the past 6 (in Oct) years, and has never let me down. The ONLY two things I recall fixing have been over the last few weeks, which were a bad front air bag sensor and a burned out steering wheel switch bulb. Other than normal maintenance items, that's it! Those repairs have cost me a whopping $100.00 bucks.....not bad for a vehicle that's 6 years old and has 70K on it. I have not babied this vehicle, although I take excellent care of it. The first 4 years it was a work vehicle and it carried thousands of pounds of supplies every week. I have taken it hunting on bumpy dirt roads, on trips into 30+ inches of snow many times (daughter goes to college in NH), and have been off road with it a few times. Heck....I still have the original brakes! Last inspection my Mechanic told me I'll get over 100K on the brakes. I know, I know.....I never heard of brakes lasting that long either, but it's the absolute truth. The vehicle still rides smooth, rattle free, and still handles like new. I originally leased this through my Business, and when the 4 year lease was up I liked it so much that I cut a deal with GM and bought it.

I have had 3 other Caddy's (2 DTS, 1 CTS) and they have all been great cars in their own right, but the Escalade is the "Cat's Meow"! Even had 3 Volvo's, a VW, a Toyota, Chrysler's, Fords, 2 Lincoln Navigators, Merc's, and all the other GM tags but this one has been the BEST of the Best! Planning on many more miles on this baby!



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