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Last week I pulled out of the garage and my AIR BAG WARNING LIGHT (red light) stayed on. My Escalade is 6 years old (70,000 + miles) and no longer under warantee. I figured before I spent a bunch of money, let me see what I can do myself. Since the car was NOT in an accident I figured it was something like a broken wire, bad connector, or bad sensor.

I maintain a great relationship with the local Caddy, Buick, GMC dealer so I called in a favor from the Service Manager and asked him to plug my car into the code reader computer and see what codes came up. It was just about closing time and everybody had gone, so he said "oh- what the heck". He told me the code that came up was FRONT SENSOR. He told me there were two, one on the left, one on the right, and said they have one in stock in the parts dept. I bought a new sensor, but did not know which side was causing the problem. I just guessed and replaced the one on the drivers side, and guess what.....the warning light went out. The system diagnosis itself each time you start the car, and it is now working like a charm. I had to buy a new sensor for about $100 bucks, and it cost me a bottle of Scotch, but I am sure it still saved me quite a few dollars and I feel good about fixing it myself.

Oh......by the way, the sensors are located behind the front bumper just under a metal lip (so they are a bit difficult to see). If the car was up on a lift it would have been easier to find, but I was doing this in my garage on a creeper. If you want a hint, look for the ORANGE locking tab that keeps the plug from coming apart. It is a bright shade of ORANGE and once you know what you are looking for it makes it a bit easier.



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