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Please help me make my 2002 281CI Deville faster, I added so far an intake, high-flow cat and a performance chip. All suggestions to make my Deville faster helps.

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You have hit the major easy thing, the exhaust. There was some talk about looking at the exhaust cross-over routing, as one of the pipes seems crimped.

Also for the 2006-2009 STS-V Supercharged RWD Northstar, Cadillac had the exhaust manifolds extrude honed to increase flow. It is possible that adapting one of these manifolds, or having your manifold extrude honed would be beneficial, but you will need to test by dyno'ing before/after to tune.

Porting the heads will yield some gains, but would be quite expensive, and again experimental in the sense that you would need to find someone generally skilled in porting then give them time and funding to experiment on the flow bench.

Reducing weight has a similar effect to increasing horsepower, at the ratio of 100 lbs is worth 5 hp more or less in terms of 0-60 mph effect.

Trade the spare for a can of inflation, empty the trunk, replace as much of the exhaust as possible with lighter materials, keep the wheels/tires small to keep weight down.


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Hey Wildcard I got the chip at http://www.voloperformance.com they make performance chips for practically all cars It was my first mod added they claim it adds 20+ horsepower, i would say it added 10-15

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