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    Making my Cadillac Cadiffast. So far I added a performance ECU chip,a crazy intake with the high performance IAT/MAF, a magnaflow performance cat. I need your help for what to add next

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  1. Hello, I was removing my air filiter to clean it and I pulled the beige (iat sensor?) wire out of the maf plug so I Striped a wire approx the same guage and fit it back into the maf plug, which I am almost sure its not a good connection if any. Am I safe for now or should I have it replacesd by Cadillac? Thank you all Brad
  2. fanatic yes I understand that part thats why i ask how to wire it so they go on with my ignition
  3. Hey everyone, I own a 2002 Cadillac Base Deille with out fogs/ driving lights. I purchased a pair of driving lights that I can safely mount in the lower grille part. I understand the headlight wire harness has 3 outputs; corning light, headlight and fogs. I am almost positive the fog lights wires are dead. So I am asking how can I Wire my halogen driving lights so they go on with the ignition? Thanks a bunch Brad
  4. Strong in all models: about 7 sec 0-60 mph. Transmission is smooth and responsive (originally I was 7.2 on premium) I have an ECU Performance chip, a real IAT chip not those cheap resistors, A 2 air filter intake on a 45° bend a magnaflow high flow cat and 5 additional engine grounds to help out on various places in the engine bay to increase the ground contact to your chassis. Many vehicles older than 5 years can start developing rust and corrosion on the wires connecting the alternator to the chassis. more contact points = more ground contact points, means smoother power delivery. Remind yourself, the whole vehicle is an electronic device, Can I help anywhere else? And of course I am sure we both understand the restrictions of a stock air intake box cold or not
  5. Yes I got the vp12 I noticed maybe and increase of about 2mpg but, I felt the power increase immediately, I suggest puting in a cheap cold air intake also for a bigger increase in performance, which for me 1 filter wasen't enough and I put two filters with direct flow. Honestly before I put the High Flow Cat. I was around 6.2sec 0-60 but after the cat Im around 5.8 If not less Good Luck -Brad
  6. Forget cold air intake get two filters Direct Flow, the increase is crazy compared to cold air and short ram Best of luck
  7. All iat performance "resistors" (ebay) are garabage they work a little but mess with the engine, look into volo performance chips at it is the real deal and mine took off 1/3 a second 0-60
  8. How do I Remove my Governer on my 2002 Deville?
  9. Hey all, is there a shift kit around for a 02' Deville, if so what would it do?
  10. Sounds normal unless you are racing and pushing it hard, its all computer bs but yet its programmed to save gas selectively based on your personal driving conditions
  11. Wildcard that smoke is normal to my well understanding and ase mechanic friends, i believe the electronic noise or loud whinning is the level feature that the deville has as it is with my 02 deville it usualualy recalculates every 5-10 minutes if you are curious my deville has 108k
  12. Hey Wildcard I got the chip at they make performance chips for practically all cars It was my first mod added they claim it adds 20+ horsepower, i would say it added 10-15
  13. This is a very popular question, but all answers havent helped me yet, hopefuly yours will. How do I disable the traction control in my 2002 Cadillac Deville? Thanks all in advance