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I have a 99 STS and I broke my only Keyless Entry FOB. Does anyone know where to purchase some new ones, (that are not from EBAY, don't deal with that), also, how to program them. I would appreciate the help. All I can find on the Net are from EBAY. I don't want to buy from EBAY.

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For new ones..and not wanting to buy through ebay...(I don't do ebay either)... :D

I would probably start by checking with my local dealer or with a couple of local locksmiths.

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Over the years I have bought 4 Fobs off of EBay... 3 "new used" and one brand new...

I paid $3-$5 for the used ones and $15 for the new one...

All 4 have been fine, no issues. The batteries in the used ones can be hit or miss... But for the cost of a $3 battery it is definitely worth the risk.

Even the tech at the dealership suggested that I buy Fobs on the 'bay.

Pretty sure that you '99, like me 02 can only be programmed at the dealer with a scanner.


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