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Hello, there. Currently I am looking into buying a 1994 Seville SLS and I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on if it is worth it or not.

The car has around 50,000 miles, has had regular maintenance, hasn't been in any accidents. It seems like it has been well taken care of. The only thing that worries me are repair costs if it were to break.

I am a high school student with a part time job and I'm not sure I could afford ultra-costly repairs. From what I hear, it is quite expensive to fix problems on Cadillacs. I would think that considering its condition, I wouldn't have many problems, but you never know. So what do you think? Is it worth it or would I be taking too much of a risk with possibly high repair costs?

Thanks everyone!

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50k miles on a 94 is pretty low. It could be a very good car for you. Are there records of regular coolant changes?

Any used car can be a risk or gamble. I have a 95 STS, my first Cadillac, and I've found that parts for it aren't any more expensive than parts for the Cutlass or Blazer I had before it.


WARNING: I'm a total car newbie, don't be surprised if I ask a stupid question! Just trying to learn.


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We're going to check it out tomorrow, I'll report back with what we find. The seller told me that it has had all of its regular maintenance done, and they have records to prove it, so I'm hoping that its had more than just oil changes every 3k miles. From what I understand, the owner has two other cars and doesn't even really use the Seville, so I am assuming that it has just been sitting in her garage for a good portion of its life.

If it's been taken good care of, it seems like it could be a quality, reliable, fun car based on the reviews I have been reading online. There's always a few sour apples in the bunch, but for the most part people are saying that it's really reliable and fun to drive.

Thanks for the encouragement!

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Make sure to have a coolant combustion gas check done on the car before you buy it to verify the integrity of the head gaskets. A radiator shop can do this test for you for a reasonable price. You don't want to buy a car and then have to replace the headgaskets.

If you can handle normal maintainence issues, you should be fine.

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I bought my 94 SLS seven years ago with 97K miles on it. It has been a fantastic car, very dependable and has given me 70K miles of nearly faultless service. I've had to replace the front struts, a transmission part, and recharge the A/C but that's about it aside from the usual maintenance issues you will have with any car like oil changes, tires, brakes, etc.

Buy the car, I doubt that you will regret it.


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