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when my air is on the air on the pass side is about ten degrees warmer.I have no codes current or in history .can my air climate controll b reprogramed?????do i realy need a new gate .looks like and eight hundred dollor job any advice


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Have you checked for any vacumn leak under the dash. A loss of vac power on the passenger side might cause actuation to setpoint problems for the air mix door. The default position might be to allow some heat flow.

By "gate" do you mean "air mix door", $800 Yikes !

There are air mix door position setpoints and actual postions, that you can monitor via the DIC. Look up "codes" to find a specific list for your car and how to navigate. I think the parameter display for the air mix door position is in degreees from 0 to 90 and may be in the temperature set/display area.

If the driver and passenger sides are set for different temps, the seperate air mix doors (which I assume is how the Caddy makes seperate temps) should move differantly to their respective setpoints.

Good luck

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You need to have the A/C high and low pressures checked. If the passenger side and driver's side are set to the same temp (passemger side not set warmer or cooler than set temp), that would indicate a low refrigerant charge.

Usually, the low refrigerant code will set before this symptom occurrs....

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