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I have renovated the generator in my Caddy Seville STS 96. I can see the first 15-20 sec that the battery gets power up to 13,6V.

But after that the computer say battery no charge (error 7).

Is the computer brooken or have i missed some fuze or what can be the problem???

Need advice!!!!

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Also when i look at the computer codes there is following codes.

RS0038 Current

No ACM Codes

No SDM Codes

No RFA Codes

No CCP Codes.

I have done reset of PCM Codes and have other history codes also.

But still no Charging.

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Hi there


S038 ................... Electronic Level Control Exhaust Valve Short to Ground/Open

You should check Codes out.

Is it sure a 96 ??? :huh:

Psycho :o


243728.png LPG

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Thank's for the reply.

Yes, it's a 96. If it's early or late i don't knowe but it's a 96.

The battery is ok. I have checked it and all cables to the battery. The battery gets charging from the generator. The generator output 14V and the battery charges with around 13.6V.

But there is a contact from the generator (red and green cable) and from there i get 5V out when the generator is working.

What i don't knowe and i can't find out is where the red and green cable goes and/or how many wolt it should come from that cables.

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In 96 their were two alternators. one had some extra wires which were connected to the alternator , which were not part of the charging system, so i was told , but they were for cars that had the heated windshield feature. When i changed mine out in the spring, i took my old one with me to the parts store, the counter man brought out two AC DELCO reman, units, one was identical to mine the other had extra wires that were made right into the unit, mine does not have heated windshield. The parts guy told me the extra wires were for the heated windshield cars. DOES yours have the heated windshield , and did you change your alternator or has someone else changed it out.

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