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need help with a 2000 cadillac catera

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i have a 2000 cadillac catera that has around 110k miles on it was running great and i bottomed out hitting a brick on my oil pan the car lost oil pressure and the oil light came on so i shut the car off to see if i broke a hole in the oil pan there was no hole and no fluids leaking from anywhere so i got back into the car to start it back up and the car wouldnt start it just turned over very slow and would never turn over fast enough to start the car have had the alternator and starter replaced as well as the battery and no luck if anyone might know what is going on or what else i could try pls let me know i have also dropped the oil pan to see if anything was rubbing or smashed to where it might cause this but nothing there either the dent in the pan is very small and not anywhere close to hitting anything

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Perhaps knocked the oil pump feed tube off the oil pump then ran the engine without oil before you could get stopped? Assuming the battery is strong, the car cranking slowly might indicate internal damage. On the bright side, if the engine was suddenly and sharply pushed upward in the car, you may simply have dislodged some wiring / connections. I would walk from the battery to the coils, then to the spark plugs and disconnect, clean, and reconnect all fittings then try to restart.


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Does the starter crank the engine slowly also if you take off the accessory belt? Maybe something there got damaged (I am not sure what is where on your car, but the water pump, servo pump, alternator and pulleys are things that could be there). Also check the flywheel to see if it got bent and rubs against something. That would not explain the oil light, but perhaps it came on just from the shock. In some cars, turning hard can be enough to make the oil light flicker when the oil moves to one side of the pan (away from the sump, thereby starving the oil pump).

Otherwise, maybe the oil filter got hit, thus damaging something there. The oil filter is pressurized by the oil pump when the engine runs, so I think damage there could cause your symptoms (in which case the hard cranking is because there is no oil being pushed into the bearings and cams etc).

Good luck!


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new alternator, starter, battery and dropped oil pan? dang, thats a lot of work. so engine cranks steady but slow? or does it crank unevenly? cold oil is very thick so most of it bypasses the oil pump thru the pressure refief valve. so oil pickup looks ok? pan might have been pushed against pickup so flow was restricted but thats a stretch. you know starter is good so motor should crank over at normal speed. if it does not, than you have drag from bearings, main or rod, and perhaps scored camshafts? look at the facts. oil light came on. long enough to do damage? motor will not crank normally with new starter and battery.

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