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Resetting DIC (air pressure) After Rotating Tires


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I rotated tires on my '01 STS and took it to the dealer (per the manual) to reset the DIC for new tire position using the "special tool". Just resetting cost $25. Can't we do this ourselves or is there really some "special tool" as the owner's manual says.


Russell Mc

Erie, PA

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I copied this from a post a couple of years ago. I haven't tried it yet since I have been having my tires rotated by the dealer.

Little tip for the guys (and gals) with tire pressure monitors.

1. Turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF.

2. Press the key fob lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for several seconds. A horn chirp will sound indicating the sensor programming mode is activated

3. Starting with the left front tire, place the J 41760 over the left front valve stem, a horn chirp will sound indicating the sensor's ID code has been programmed.

4. When the horn chirp sounds, proceed to program the next sensors in the following order:

Right front

Right rear

Left rear

5. After the left rear sensor is programmed, the horn chirp will sound twice to indicate programming is complete.

Here's the tip. The tool we use (J 41760) to program the tire monitors is nothing more than a horseshoe shaped magnet that fits over the tire valve. Go to the craft store or hardware store and buy yourself a strong round magnet with a hole in it big enough for the tire valve to go through it. That's it, just follow the procedure above and it will work when you rotate at home, or get new tires installed.

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So where is the sensor? In the tire valve, or near it somewhere?

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