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Air conditioning question...


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Ok my latest little gripe...

At night time, for some reason, the windshield always fogs up...its not any more humid...but i feel warm air come from the defroster ducts. Only at night. Any ideas???

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just a thought, but it could be the outdoors climate?

I rented a car in Las Vegas and was amazed at how I needed to run the darn AC all the time to keep the windows from fogging up when it was a dry 85 degrees outside. It wasn't like I was boiling water on my dash.

Then again when we went to Santa Cruz and surrounding areas (90 degrees average, dry) in my Caddy that the same thing happened day or night.

I live in Seattle and never had this happen in the summer except for on a warmer humid night.

I prefer my windows down in the sun. Don't run my AC too much, probably more in the winter for defrosting/demugging.

And even if my HVAC is turned down to 60 on both controls, I still get the vents blowing hot air when the temps goes above 70. I can close the dash vents, but I have to run the AC cool through the floor ducts to keep cool air flowing at my legs.

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I hate running the AC also....big fan of the windows. I thought it might be the weather, but it ONLY happens at night, even when there seems to be no difference in the weather.

But then i put my hand by the vents, and hot air comes from them, completely fogging the windows. I turn the defogger on and it immediately goes away (even before the fan gets going).


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just a thought as I get the same thing sometimes, but only at night and only when I get back in the car after about 2-3 hours. Less time and it doesn't seem to happen , and more time and it's not there. I was thinking that it could be moisture comming up from the condenser after running ac. It takes awhile to make enough moisture to showup on the inside but if I leave it over night it will be gone in the morning. It is only a small area about 6in high and 12-14in wide and no sweet smell of coolant or coolant loss. The other thing if youre not running the AC the air will not be dehumidified and could also be causing this, that is why the defroster uses the AC is to dehumidify the air for a dry clear window. I know that on any car when you only put on the vent and blower you can feel the humidity in the air.


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When the AC first comes on it should purge through the floor vents. This is both to avoid a blast of hot air in your face and loose the moist air that can accumulate at the evaporator.

It may be that your ACP is not working quite right or the air mixing doors need adjusting.


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