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Conversion Advice Please


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The A/C on my '92 Seville has been OK at high speed but unable to keep up at idle. I discovered metal shavings on the orifice tube so will be replacing tube, accumulator, and compressor with a complete flush per the advice of this great group.

My questions have to do with conversion to R134a:

-- is an OEM/remanufactured Delco OK to use with 134 or is there a better unit you would recommend? I'd rather spend a few bucks more for the part you guys would put in your own vehicle.

-- some posts have hinted at a different orifice tube (Ford blue?) to 'fool' the inline sensors if converting from R12 to R134. Can anyone confirm? Is this strongly recommended or a requirement (stock orifice won't work & will throw errors)?

-- any concern with the mineral spirits damaging senors?

Thanks for any assistance/suggestions you might have...

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I did the conversion on mine last year, I used the Ford blue, but not to fool the sensors, I was told that it was better. AC works fine now, the only thing I have to do is find a small leak where I put new o-rings in.

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I went with a Delco Reman by Delco (sold by Delco, not 4 seizens or others).I flushed with brake-clean and compressed air. I used Nylog to lube the 134a approved NEW O-rings. I used a Variable type O-Tube. The Variable Tube seems to work as advertised: better cooling at idle, less drag at high RPM. Before the conversion I kept it on MAX to feel cool, now I have to turn it down, it really cools.GET the BRASS conversion fittings, the aluminum cheapies will leak (don't ask how I know this, LOL). BTW the conversion was done to my old Chevy but the principals are similiar. Make SURE everything is clean and don't overtighten the fittings.


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Mineral spirits won't damage the sensors. Use dry compressed air to blow out the redsidual mineral spirits prior to evacuating and charging.

The Nylog works great for o-ring lube - they won't leak.

I would use the stock orifice tube and use the same amount of R-134a as called for R-12 or the system will set a low refrigerant code. Many A/C shops insist on using 80% of the R-12 charge and that will result in a low refrigerant code being set.

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