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wont start and cant remove key


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i have a 06 cts has been in the body shop for 4 months battery went dead and now the car wont start and cant remove key i put a push button switch between the bat. and starter purple wire. push that button then the car will start and i can remove key. If i leave the car for about 30 min. then it will not start and cant remove the key again. any ideas what the prolem can be.

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have the battery load tested its probably bad or only has a low charge from sitting

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Yep. that's the way it'll work (when you have a dead battery). when this happened to me, I left my phone charger in the cigarette lighter for a few days, and it drained the battery (The CTS unlike my old Deville doesn't turn off the cigarette lighter).

until the battery got enough juice to dis-engage the solenoid in the ignition, the key would not come out.

If it's the original battery, you should replace it. it's probably taken a beeting sitting dead in the body shop for 4 months. (once an old battery goes thru a deep cycle, it's usually pretty unreliable afterwards).

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