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Automatic Level Control circuit breaker


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The service manual claims that this circuit breaker is in the trunk on the wall near the rear fuse panel block. It is not there neither is it in the eng compartment fuse panel area. I am troubleshooting my rear strut problem of being low and am in the process of troubleshooting the height sensor. Any one know where the real location of this cb would really help.

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It is behind the trunk liner.

There is a 30amp fuse located behind the back seat, accessable from the trunk. I believe the fuse is the bottom right, I could be wrong but it is clearly labeled ELC.

I have to say that if the fuse is blown it is very possible that the exhaust vavle corroded and you most likely have water intusion in the electric part of the air pump. I do not know of a breaker for the ride control circuit


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