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Normally diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) are formed of a letter, such a P, with a 4-digit number, like this: P2575

The first digit of the 4-digit number is 0 for generic, or a 1 or a 2 for Manufacturer specific.

The sequences you gave

ARS 257521119093

IPC 25742938 2246

are possibly P2575 and P2574 with extra information added?

I assume these came from a scan tool? or from the 2003 on-board diagnostics?

Not sure what the ARS system is. IPC relates to the instrument panel cluster

I did find one reference http://www.myazcar.com/pdf/2008_DLC_diag_codes.pdf that suggests:

P2574 Direct Ozone Reduction Catalyst Deterioration SensorCircuit Low

P2575 Direct Ozone Reduction Catalyst Deterioration Sensor Circuit High

which would tie these two together to the same problem.


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