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Flickering lights


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Got called to work for a conveyor outfit at the Neon plant in Belvidere,Il lastFriday. Need to move some rail around up in the paint department. Two shifts, 12 hours each,schedualed for nine days. I love working in car plants.

Anyhow, I'm driving to work and the speedometer and the tachometer's light brightness fluctuates . Like you were turning the brightness knob up and down

except instantaneous. The odometer and trip lights don't flicker. You get the feeling that the light wants to go off, but it hasn't, yet.

Come to think of it, I seem to remember this happening on the way back from Dallas when I went down there to pick up the car. I think the headlight brightness fluctuated along with the speedometer and tachometer also. I forgot about it and haven't noticed it lately but then I haven't been doing much night or early morning driving. Any ideas what to look for?


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I run 13.6 or so with the A/C on. 14.5 or there abouts without A/C. 11's sounds awful low. Maybe a bad battery, alternator or regulator.

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kcd - in the original post didn't you say you thought they did all flicker in unison?

I had a similar experience last year. The lights (dash and headlights) flickered. The odometer and trip meters stayed constant. Voltage varied significantly.

$350 solved the problem with a new alternator. Also check to make sure all battery connectors are clean.


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