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Hello all,

I was just wondering bout your thoughts on older vehicles with low mileage. I am looking at a 1999 Deville with 36000 miles. The car looks new and well maintained. Are there any concerns with this low mileage? I would mainly be using it for a daily drive with probably 70% being highway miles. Thank you in advance for your input.

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For some things, a 99 car is a 99 car, low mileage or no. Tire, leather, anything rubber comes to mind here. For other things mileage is important -- like transmission.

The key on used cars is understanding their current condition, and having money left in the budget for any required repairs after purchase.

In principle sounds like a fun car at the right price though.


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For any car with 37,000 mi it should be in my opinion just as clean as it was when they bought it, and should run with no problems, but its still a used car so check everything out if you buy, mostly pull the codes on it and see what comes up.

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Probably the biggest potential problem is anything resembling rubber--tires, belts, hoses, seals on AC system and H2O pump, etc. These things deteriorate with time, regardless of how much a car is or isn't driven. Still, an 11-year-old, 37,000-mile car is quite a find.

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If you do end up getting it, you should also change the oil and coolant in it. Low mileage or not. That's just my opinion.


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