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Cadillac CTS-V with ZR-1 Blower Upgrade


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where do you buy a zr-1 blower? from the dealer i suppose. but than anyone buying a new cts-v probably is not concerned about spending money on parts. interesting that in the past, folks might consider supercharging an already nice motor and now they are upgrading the supercharger. can the auto trans handle the extra power? i don't think the zr-1 is available with an auto trans?

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But it is FASTER lol that's the point. Not that it makes sense. The CTS-V at 556 hp already has a ton of power. Swapping the snout on the supercharger and tuning can get more power. OR changing to the LS9 engine from the Corvette automagically moves you to 638hp. OR what if you took the 2.3L blower from the Vette and replaced the 1.9L blower in the CTS-V as they did here. NONE of this is going to make dollars and sense unless you count the "going faster" part as worth it. I think the customer here have money to throw at this type of upgrade though.

I think Eaton makes the blower.


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