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egr and maf codes?


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i have gotten the 1406 code several times in the last few years. egr pintle was stuck open once but looked ok the 2nd time. the other day i was doing a little stoplight racing and turned off on my sidestreet and the CEL light came on. codes said 0101 and 1406. idle was funky too. got home and idled in driveway for a few minutes. idle seemed ok but could not clear 1406 code. shut off motor and restarted and than i could clear code. drove fine yesterday. we have lots of rutted ice on roads here. sidestreets are very bumpy. could excessive bouncing have any effect on egr sticking?

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I have gotten the 1406 pindle position code a few times in the past, a good cleaning of the EGR always clears it, I doubt the bumpy roads causes it, I think the pindle is moved electrically, a good cleaning, especially the pindle seats fixes it, it takes me about an hour of work to clean it

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i get a 0174 code at idle sometimes. 0171 also. i replaced my intake a year ago and put on new gaskets but may have a loose fitting/line somewhere. pcv? it was -10F last night. garage is cold. no fun trying to track down vacuum line issues.

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