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Capp says GM is evolving the camera to do more and more. In Europe, the Opel Insignia scans road signs to find the current speed and alerts you if you are going too fast, which can be an issue in countries like Germany where the driver might not notice the infrequent speed-limit signs. To make it work, GM programmed the Lucerne's LDW (lane departure warning) camera for the Opel Insignia to read speed-limit signs.

Read More: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/914...mp;pageNumber=1

Lane Departure Warning

Adaptive Cruise Control

Assisted Parking

Blind Spot Warning

Collision Detection


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To read speed limit signs can be difficult, because on our highways (in Austria) the speed limit can be changed depending on the weather or the amount of pollution in the air. I heared that the system cannot recognize this cases properly. It's better you look by yourself how fast you are allowed to drive.

A very good system is the radar supported cruise control where you can set a maximum speed and the distance you want to keep from the car before you.

Blind spot warning can be usefull if drivers are allowed to take others over from the right side, but that isn't allowed where I live and many people (especially germans) love to drive on the left lane even if no one else is on the road.

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