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2005 STS puts up good numbers

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Both Motor Trend, in a comparison vs a BMW 545, and Car & Driver, in a review, got good acceleration numbers from the 2005 STS. Each magazine liked the STS well. Car & Driver summarized as "Here is the STS that Cadillac promised from the git go"; Motor Trend said "A credible, American-style sport -luxury sedan that never forgets who's writing the checks"

Motor Trend

0-60: 6.0s

0-100: 15.8s

Quartermile: 14.2 at 97.5 mph

Car & Driver

0-60: 6.0s

0-100: 15.7s

Quartermile: 14.6 at 97 mph

Looking at that similar 0-100 times, there is something odd with one of those quartermile numbers, but ok. Both tested V-8 two-wheel drive STS models, which are probably the quickest configuration. Both had the 3.42:1 final drive.

For this season, looks like this is the quickest STS ever. Coming soon: STS-V


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I really liked the photos of it in Car & Driver (I don't subscribe to MT). The rear end looks real nice in my opinion...sort of Deville-ish, but distinctly its own. I also like how high it sits. Nothing bugs me more than something that looks like it's dragging the ground. Love it! Now...10 years from now when I can afford a used one, maybe I'll see myself in one!

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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checked out the sts on edmunds...looks like the v6 doesn't come standard with power front seats...at 40,000...good news though, according to the caddy home page...the v6 will scoot to sixty in under 7 seconds. jackg 90seville 94k

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