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I recently picked up a 1999 Deville Concours package, and I really don't know a lot about this car with some of its special items on it. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the radio is it a Bose ? It looks just like what my sls had but without the Bose label on it ? The radio works and gets loud, but my issue is the bass. There hardly is any and I have turned it all the way up ? Anyone ever had any issues of a the factory amp maybe dieing ? Maybe some specs for speakers too if anyone would know that ? I have looked around some !



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use the fade/balance controls to listen to each speaker. is the sound clean or distorted? any buzzing or booming? if you have sound, than the amp is probably fine. factory speakers are average at best. i cannot say what a premium system should be labeled. if it says nothing than i assume its the base system.

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11 speakers - so then you have the non-bose amp behind the back seat.

each of the 4 doors has 2 speakers where :

The lower part of the door (where it is carpeted) has the midrange

The top part circular screen that contains the tweeter

the front dash has the center

and behind the back seats on the deck lid are the 2 L/R bass speakers. you should be able to feel the bass when you crank up the volume a little, and put your hand there.

the speakers can be blown or the connector could have become loose on either end of the cable.

Based on your description, you either expect too much from the system, or your rear bass is out.

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It seems that it's out then. Ive had several base models that had more. I was just not sure if it were somewhat of a Bose product or not really. I think I will get in and look at the speakers and then go from there. However once in a while they will make a strange noise.

Winterset, Do you know anything about the wattage on this system ?

Thanks & Merry Christmas !


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