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Whistling Winds


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Well it has been three years since I owned the last of my three Eldorados , an 82 and two 85's. I had a pretty nice 88 Seville after them, but it wasn't my style so I found a new 94 Eldo in Texas and here I am.

I had forgotten about the frameless windows on the Eldo's monster doors. I was brought back to reality on my trip home from Dallas/ Ft Worth. My wakeup call lasted about 1000 miles.

This car is (so far) excellent in mechanics, body, and paint. I had to replace the rear window seal, have the two rear interior panels reglued and stapled, and I'm still working on trying to fix the GD sliding cup tray.

When I finally focused my attention on the whistling windows, I found that on both windows, the triangular shaped mirror seal was ripped through on the top side and someone had glued an extra piece of soft rubber over the rip to try and properly form the seal when the window is up. (90% sucessfull)

To make a long story shorter, replacement seals are discontinued and everyone I talked to said good luck in finding good used seals. I went to my local salvage yard and there, with the sun shining down on it was a 95 Eldorado (seals interchangeable with my 94) with two PERFECT mirror seals amd matching roof molding.

Now ,one of the mirrors is broken but both the doors are undamaged. The owner didn't want to disturb the good doors but after talking to him a bit more and showing him why I needed them, he said OK, and had a guy take them off and

sold them to me.

I don't know if these good seals will solve the door whistle, but at least I will be back to original equipment. Just felt lucky and happy about the find and thought I'd share it with you


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