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Blog Post: Re: How Carmakers Play The Name Game

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Regarding this article on Autopia via Wired.com: How Carmakers Play The Name Game | Autopia | Wired.comGo read the article, I'll wait, or here is the key part we'll be talking about:Automakers such as Acura and Cadillac have followed the lead of Mercedes and Lexus, abandoning “Coupe d’Elegance” and “Integra” ...

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Interesting. It is apparent from new Cadillac literature that they don't intend the letter names to be acronyms, but I always figured they were on some level or another. Also, just a thought, I always figured the C in CTS unofficially stood for completely rebuilt Catera, since like the Catera the CTS was/is Cadillac's smallest sedan.

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