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just sold my caddy so thanks for all the help


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I just sold my caddy so I want to thank you for all the help with problems with the car,,,,,I bought a Jeep grand cherokee 93 with a lot of accessories so I will be back problebly with other problems...


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Check the rear brake pads. They tend to fall off suddenly if subjected to salt corrosion. It's a real thrill if your going over 50 MPH. Emergency brake won't work either. To see if your car has had this problem check the SeatFax report...any brown stains would be a dead givaway. Also change the rear differential lube frequently, a synthetic might be a good chioce. The gears/bearings seem to last about 60,000 miles. Don't worry about the clicking valves, it's just the shape of the cam lobe on let down, sorta like a John Deere. Like my dad used to say, "It means their closing good". Yes, you'll be back, but still welcome!

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