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Need new ball joint


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I use NAPA parts, which are manufactured mostly from DANA I believe. They are very good, usually better than OEM parts (for instance the napa part might have a grease nipple while the oem one doesn't, plus the napa parts are usually painted, blah blah)... NAPA is more expensive than TRW.. TRW might be $50 and NAPA/Dana might be $60 or $70 (i'm totally guessing).. Last part I did was a tie rod end , Trw was $31, and napa was $39.

Just looked it up for you :)

NAPA Chassis Parts Ball Joint - Lower - Front Susp

Item#: NCP2601337

Price: $ 65.49

I was right on the price. AMused myself.

Non brand name generic part:

Master Ride Chassis Ball Joint - Lower - Front Susp

Item#: MRC104152

Price: $ 33.49

So yea.. i'd use the NAPA one or get one from the dealer or AC delco. I just prefer the napa parts myself.

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