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2003 sts hvac problems

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About a week ago the heat stopped working on my 2003 sts. It didn't completely go out, I'd hit a bump and it'd stop, then hit another one and it'd kick back on, yesterday it seemed to stop altogether. I'm guessing it's probably a wiring issue, the only codes i got were 1016 for the tilt steering wheel, and 1016 for the gauges. The gauges on the dash were also were also going to full bright and uncontrollable and then back to normal. I checked the fusses they all looked good, the wiring to the blowers looked good. I'm not sure how to take out the radio and temperature control to check there to see if those are all still connected. Anyone know what to take off to get behind there, or any other ideas about what it could be, and where is the PCM located?

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:welcomesmiley: Cadillac and most other cars these days use several computers (about ten of them for a Cadillac, the exact number depending on the model and options) that are all networked. As you go through the codes, there should be a three-letter acronym preceding each one that says which computer (or, module as they are usually called) detected the problem. The U1016 is a network code, not a PCM code, and is usually thrown by the DIM, which communicates with the PCM through the network.

Someone with a FSM (factory shop manual) for the 2003 model year will need to step in and talk about the specifics of your car, but most Cadillacs have covers under the dashboard that are easily removed to allow access to the wiring behind the dashboard. The most likely cause of behind-dashboard wiring problems is rushed or careless work under the dash. Check for loose connectors, or connectors that have been forced and that have bent terminals inside.

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