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Sold our '94, FYS has our '99


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Dear all,

I have been busy with "stuff" (all good but just real busy). I also noticed that I have not posted since late April of this year, seems like the start of "confession"...

Well, a couple months ago our 94' red Concours would post some "odd codes" codes and then go to reduced power. Our FYS (Favorite Youngest Son), has been driving it carefully for almost 2-years, so I could not really attend to it. He got our OK to sell it for $1,200 and it went to a person who details cars (he was dutifully impressed with the car for some time). Bear in mind that when we bought it from my company for $3,750, (it was my company car), it had perhaps 82,000-miles.

Shocked? don't be. It remains one of the finest cars I have ever owned at about 220,000-miles and NEVER any engine , tranny or other significant work. My wife still speaks of its exploits, (like passing a semi on a 2-lane at eclisping 110 in the driving rain on an inside corner) with great admiration. I am certain it is even now used at a "rolling showcase" for his car detailing skills, and probably WOT'ed for good measure.

We also just wanted to move our white 99' Deville with about 54,000-miles to FYS. BTW, it is still our car, he just drives it more than we did.

I looked around for another "touring machine" with even more room (for grandkids with car seats etc). I did consider all makes but could not bear to go with other than GM and America.

We ended up with a 09 Chevy Traverse LT2 (a nice array of features at that trim level; camera, tri-level air, remote start, backup alarms, etc) along with with upgraded gray leather seats, overhead DVD/Bose sound, and a very well done "Black Granite" metallic paint job. I also looked at its siblings; GMC Acadia, Saturn Outlook and Buick Enclave - but none seemed to have as much bang for the buck, (I can always add more chrome, carbon-fiber or burl-wood inside trim via CarID.com).

It may have 281 hp, but it ain't no NorthStar, (about 10 mph less at only 95 mph via the "on-ramp standing start baseline". The gas mileage is about the same as our Caddies, but there is a LOT more cubic feet and 7-passengers in our configuration. We have not taken it on any trip yet, but I can only hope it is as comfortable as either of our Caddies and that the many positive reviews are indeed correct.

We did not care to pay for the capital/operating cost of any Denali, etc. I do not think the Caddy SRX is as large, (perhaps more like the Equinox?), but it is certainly pricier than what I paid over the Internet.

In any case, our FYS is really happy with the '99 Caddy as his daily driver and his friends remain stunned that he has another Caddy - so he can leave his '05 Evo racecar parked.

Best Regards,

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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Well done ... is Big Red's replacement called Big Black?

Curious ... did you ever consider purchasing a newer DTS, or was it just

time to experience an SUV?

1989 FWD Fleetwood, Silver

1995 STS Crimson Pearl on Black leather

1997 STS Diamond White

1999 STS Crimson Pearl

2001 STS Silver

2003 STS, Crimson Pearl

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Texas Jim and Ted Tcb,

Yes, I suppose it is; "The Big Black Dog". We will see how "The Big White Dog" is doing this weekend I would guess our son will continue to get comments & compliments. There are not too many young guys with a stately Caddy for the work/town/trip car and a SCCA-rated Evo for fun at the track.

Regarding not going for a newer DTS, we had a few reasons, (which will not make sense to everyone).

Our first two reasons are named Molly and Meeco. They are mini-daschunds (progenitors of all dogs, as we see it), and they like to lay on the bench seat (60/40) between us with the center armrest up. As you may know, very few large, comfortable touring cars come with a front bench seat anymore. Virtually all have a center console and the DTS Caddy is no exception, (that I could find anyway). Yes, the Traverse has a center console as well, but the raised portion can be moved further back.

Moreover, if we have to have a center console anyway, then we may as well get the vehicle that has maximum seating and cargo space as well. Grandkids nowdays have a LOT of mandated cargo like carseats that are the size of a Lazyboy recliner, "enrichment areas" (forget the "play pens" we knew about), and duffle bags jammed with life-support equipment - that would make a Marine cringe. At 119 cubic feet, the Traverse actually has about 10 more cubic feet than a GMC Denali and although it weighs less, gets much better mileage, rides better, etc - it is rated to haul more weight.

If it did not work out, we figured it may have more buyers in our area who may have large familes.

The list price was $38,680 we paid about $33,500, so there about 20,000 other reasons compared to a new DTS or Denali

I attempted to include pictures of a similar vehicle.

Best Regards,




Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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