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Good evening everyone. I was wondering.....if I put to much coolant in my 1998 STS.....(its passed the full mark when cold) will I cause damage? Or will it just drain out...

Thank you

I can't see where it would damage anything.

If it is just a little bit over full...no big deal.

If it is quite a bit over full...it will go out the overflow.

I would probably take the cap off...when the engine is cold, and use something like a turkey baster to remove excess coolant.

But I am real picky about my Cadillac. :D

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Nah, you ain't gonna hurt a thing. It's not that critical. About 1/2 full is right. A tad over is no big deal. Like Jim said, if there is too much it will puke the excess overboard, but it does not sound like you are anywhere near that point.

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