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502 Into 1961 cadillac


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Hi, I am currently looking at putting a 502 chev into my 61 cadillac coupe. Can anyone please help me with the diff, I don't really know alot about them only the basics. The questions I'm after is if the stock diff in mine now will be enough to handle this engine or can i change the centre of the diff to be able to do it. If not I have been told to put a 9 inch into it does anyone know what needs doing to fit this in or am I better off going another way. Any help would be helpfull Thankyou

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the easiest route is to use the stock parts till they break. with stock bias tires, you will never get traction and just spin the tires. not real hard on the diff. a ford 9" requires swapping out the entire rearend housing. 9" rears are in lots of street rods. the axle housing can have mounts for leaf springs or bars welded or even bolted on. does require a little fab work. any hotrod shop can help you out there.

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The guys on this forum may be able to answer your questions: http://forums.500cid.com/

They deal with the 368/425/472/500 Cadillac engines but may be able to help you with your Chevy 502.

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