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Changing the Cluster/Speedometer

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Has anyone replaced their digital speedometer from a base deville 2000-05 with the analog out of a DHS/DTS? I was curiious if it would work and does the mileage on the replacement make a difference, or will the car recognize it and put the correct mileage on the new cluster?

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The DTS cluster is plug and play.

There are 2 types of the DTS cluster. Some with needle sweep at start up, other do not have the needle sweep.

The mileage stays with the cluster. You can have a Delco speedometer shop reprogram the mileage. The dealer cannot reprogram the mileage. The DTS cluster will not 'see' your original mileage.

You do have to cut a window in the top of the bezel for the 'heads down' display.


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