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2002 Deville Steering Wheel


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I recently bought a 2002 deville with 32k, I would like to upgrade the leather steering wheel with a wood grain out of a dts or dhs, It seems that the wood grain will not match, but if the new wheel has the heated wheel option, will it work?

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Having done this exact mod. I should be able to help you.

The DHS wheel and shifter handle technically do not match the DHS 'real' wood option. The 2 are pretty light, the real wood dash cars are very dark.

*The wood wheel actually matches the deville plastic wood better! Then the DHS.

More: For the heated wheel to work. You need a newer airbag clockspring. The newer clocksping has the circuits for the heated wheel.

I attached a pic showing the DHS woods. The shifter and the wheel are suppose to be much lighter then the DHS 'real' wood.


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Thanks for the reply, where would I get the newer airbag clockspring? It this a difficult thing to do? I have noticed that the woodgrain for a 2000 DHS seems to be the lightest wood and should match the best.

Also, my armrest needs replaced, the plastic is broke that you use to open it, and also the plastic underneath the leather is cracked right down the middle and causes the armrest to buckle when its leaned on. Do you know where I can but this piece?

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