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91 Eldorado Cloth Top R&R


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I just had the rear window on my Eldo smashed by a falling tree limb. They want close to $600 to replace it. They say it is so high because of the cloth roof. Anybody ever do this job? I took all of the chrome trim and window trim off but I do not see how you can move the roof. Any help would be appreciated!

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I would think the top material would be glued down somehow. You may be able to loosen it enough to allow the new window to go in and then reglue it down. You may want to check with a local auto upholstery shop that deals with vinyl and cloth tops. They may be able assist or give you some pointers as to how to remove or loosen the top. I wouldn't think a used rear window from a salvage yard would cost to much.

Good luck

2001 Deville, Sterling Silver exterior with Dark Gray leather, 93k miles

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