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Sorry, not Cadillac related. But very cool!

Geeezzzz. Went with my neighbor to this radio control jet show today....

Wow...these really fly! And they do about 180 mph. Sound just like the real thing.


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I fly Giant Scale R/C planes...hence the Prop_Washer2 handle, I only fly prop jobs, some are as big as your car... 33-50% the size of real ones...the Jets are a different breed. They have hit a high speed of 275-300 on the fast ones, (that's real speed, not scale) , the smallest turbines start at around $3500 (12 lb. thrust)to about $7500 (50 lb. thrust). I have seen some F-18's, and big F-15's with 2 large motors. A bird like this can go for $30,000 in no time. Retracts, Gyros, gizmo's etc...They are fun to watch though, they burn regular JET-A from the airport, get hot as hell say 6 feet behind the exhaust, and move like greased lightening!! :D , I usually fly 1/4 scale or 25%, as they get bigger say a Piper Cub with 36 foot wingspan, ends up at about 9 foot wingspan, they get heavy for me to cary and store in the garage. I have 14 1/4 scales right now. Just sold a 1/3 scale Suhkoi (Russian Stunt Plane) fuselage was over 8 feet in lenght...you can go to www.rcuniverse.com 9it's like e-bay but for RC only) find the movies that are archived, and youll see some neat videos, Jets and Props. 40% to 50% size stunt planes typically use a 150 to 210cc 2 or 4 cylinder motor burning regular gas, swinging a 28" to 36" prop...they are big. The jets haven't got too big yet in size, but there are some big models of 747's, B-52's etc... out there. A great hobby for throwing money away, I love it though, great sanity maintenance....err you have to have sanity first in order to maintain it right :wacko: oh well so much for that theory. I would be glad to answer any questions as we are always looking for more suckers, err... fliers in the hobby!

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