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Tonite I came across a Cobalt SS. Sitting at a red light next to me was a Cobalt SS when the light turned green, I heard his tires screech and engine rev. I immediatly reacted by slamming my Eldo into first and slamming the gas, the SS pulled ahead of me he had me beat by a good car length, when I noticed I was at 80 mph in a 35 zone and let off. Afew miles later pulled next to him going up a steep 2 lane hill I was in second gear at around 45mph as soon as I was next to him he took off again. I knew he had no chance against a 8 cylinder on a steep hill. He again pulled ahead I reached close to 100 before letting off. When I got home looked up Cobalt SS and found it has 260 hp and 260 ft lbs of torque from a turbo charged 4 cylinder. Maybe I shouldn't feel soo bad. But I was very surprised both times I was sure I would dust this car and then surprised at my speed when I let off. I don't usually hit high speeds like that unless I'm on a freeway.

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Yes, they are sweet little cars all in all. The DOHC VVT DI 2L Ecotec Turbo in that car is related to the 3.6 V6 Cadillac is using. I'd still rather have your Eldo than a Cobalt, but they seem like nice little cars and GM offers factory mods to help hot rod them.


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