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Cadillac CTS-V 18/63 2009 One-lap of America

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Congratulations to Howard LaFever and Mark Grzella who came in 18th of a field of 63 in the "2009 Tire Rack One Lap of America TM presented by Motor Trend Magazine".

The Team ran a new 2009 CTS-V without a sunroof but with the Recaro seat option.


18 69 Cadillac CTS-V Luxury Sed 3655 Howard LaFever, Mark Grzella

Howard LaFever - Morrisville NY USA

Mark Grzella - Little Falls NY USA

This is a sort of wide-angle motor rally in which 19 track events were run in different parts of the USA. The contenders are generally privately owned and entered, and may be stock or modified.

Class Structure

1. Sports/GT cars over $40,000 – Engine displacement 3.5L and over

2. Sports/GT cars over $40,000 – Engine displacement under 3.5L

3. Sports/GT cars under $40,000 – Engine displacement 3.5L and over

4. Sports/GT cars under $40,000 – Engine displacement under 3.5L

5. Mid-priced sedans and wagons $20,000-$40,000

6. Economy cars under $20,000

7. Luxury sedans and wagons over $40,000

8. Sport Utility vehicles and pickups all price ranges

9. Classic American: All domestically produced vehicles built prior to

1988, including street rods, specials, etc.

10. Classic Imported: All types built prior to 1988

11. Alternate Fuel class-including hybrids, electric, diesels, etc.

12. Retro: Vehicles intended to reflect past trends or models, Minis, etc.

The duo came in 5th in class, of 7, although an important note is ahead of the M5:

Pos Car # Vehicle Class Pts O/A Pts

1 10 Audi S-4 490 4430 Norman Babcock, Mike Babcock

2 21 BMW Dinan M5 490 4455 Jonathan Czarny,

3 12 BMW M3 460 4270 Mike Schnell Renner, Dwayne "CurvFun" Mosley, Steve Maguire

4 9 BMW E90 M3 390 4160 Dan Schaut, Ben Schaut

5 69 Cadillac CTS-V 305 3655 Howard LaFever, Mark Grzella

6 33 Dodge Magnum SRT8 180 2090 Dennis Bevis, Steve Stubbs

7 14 BMW M5 -5 -50 Jonathan Watson,

In the overall standings there were many sports cars behind the Cadillac in the final standings.

The CTS-V pulled .89g on the dry skidpad event (31st), and ran the quartermile event in 12.838sec (14th).

They managed a .839g on the wet skidpad event, for 21st.

[click here for Motor Trend bio]

One Lap Results


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