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Ok...like honest to god....

The system is better in my car then any car I have heard stock....better then

systems that ppl have paid $3000 for....

Do the new Cadi's systems kiss *smurf* like this one??

Any other systems in any other cars even come close?

My dad has a BMW 745I....and my systems blows the doors off his.....He even admitted about

how disappointed he was when he heard the upgraded system compared to his GOOD OL 1998 STS.....which I kinda claimed and dumped a new USED motor in....(head gas issue...)

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Thanx 4 that link!!!!!!!!!!!

Are the bose systems in the new Cadi's better then this one?


Can't say if they really are better or not...I have not had a '98 STS to compare it to, but I will say this...

It ain't no slouch.

I think it has 525 watts.

8 speakers PLUS a subwoofer and 5.1 Surround Sound.

It sounds pretty darn good to me. :D:D

With it turned up a little...on some music with a good bit of bass...you can actually FEEL the bass in your body.

It will also make the inside AND outside rearview mirrors vibrate. :D:D

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I bet it kicks *smurf*! Sounds amazing!

Are there any reviews on the new systems?


Nice car Jim!!!

Thanks for the compliment on my car. :D:D

I really like it. :D

On the stereo...I don't know of any reviews on it.

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