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97 deville air compressure has no power to it, shock absorbers has no air also. thats what the machanic said. is there any thing i could do excepted for the fuses?? than he talked about a cheap fix to put a part where u can put air in manualy for $40 an a hundered for labor. would tha be a good thing or bad?? any replay would help, thanks

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I don't know too much about the air ride system.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge will jump in here and help.

Based on my limited knowledge...If the compressor has no power to it...it is one of three things.

1. A fuse or relay is blown.

2. A wire is loose or broken...SOMEWHERE. :D

3. The ride height sensor is non-functioning or out of adjustment.

If it was me, I would check all the fuses and relays first.

See if you have power at the fuses and relays...THEN...Get under the back of the car and check "ALL" wiring going to the compressor and ride height sensor, for worn spots, broken wires, loose connections..etc...etc.

While under the rear of the car...look REAL GOOD at the ride height sensor...see if it is damaged or bent.

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