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Ed Hall

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I've got a 1987 Allante and I get the following codes. When the transmission went out on it, first it lost 2nd gear then a short time later it no longer shifted into any gears. When I put the car in gear, nothing happens, no noise, no pulling. Anyways, the following codes seem like some kind of electrical problem. What do you think?

Vehicle Codes

E0 - 28 Open Third or Fourth Gear Circuit or Shorted 2-3 / Shift solenoid VCC, CRUISE

49 AIR Management System Fault AIR

52 ECM Memory Reset Indicator

56 Open Fourth Gear Switch Circuit or Shorted 3-4 / Shift solenoid VCC

B - 124 Speed Sensor Circuit Problem

334 Loss of ECM Data

335 Loss of CCDIC Data

410 Charging System Problem

552 BCM Memory Reset Indicator

L - 411 Lighting System Low Voltage Warning

IPB Image
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Shift solenoids are sort of electronic-to-hydraulic switches that are inside the transmission and used by the PCM to control shifting. Not at all unusual to need replacement. Should be under $500 to replace, although you'll have to find a reputable repair shop and refuse a complete rebuild several times :)


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