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B1341 Air Mix Door Two - Movement Fault


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Having real trouble finding list of possible fixes for B1341 Air Mix Door Two Movement Fault.

This site has an overwhelming batch of info seemingly unrelated to this code when I search for it. Anyone point me in the right direction as to possible fixes? I think dealer will just replace the door motor. Maybe it's just stuck?? Problem is no heat on passenger side, just blows cold air. 2001 Eldorado ESC. Thanks

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The rectangular box 1 is called "programmer" and contains a servo DC motor terminated with an output arm 2 with a retainer 3. A threaded road 4 (which I called "actuator" in my previous post) is engaged with the arm 3 by means of the retainer 3 . That road 4 often snaps off the retainer 3 or off the other part attached to the door (the other end of the rod, see the next picture). That's what I suggeted to test by actually accessing the device and watching the movement of the related parts while climate controls are set so that where is a movementof the DC motor inside of the programmer. The other picture illustrates the relation of the programmer to the actual air mix door.


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