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Oil may drop to $35/barrel

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Oil began that selloff late Thursday night as soon as traders received word that a segment of U.S. Senate Republicans opposed the bill and had enough votes to either defeat it or filibuster it to its defeat. Oil had fallen $3.22 to $44.76 per barrel as of Friday morning.

Crude oil for January rose to $46.28 by the end of trading on Friday. OPEC plans to meet this week to discuss further production cuts.


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Opec must not be happy. I'm sure they are going to close the spigot to control (raise) the price.


You have a great track record of being right. But, this time, I hope you're not, I'm enjoying to low gas prices. If fuel prices remain low it may also help car/ truck sales too. That is when the banks start lending money again. :rolleyes:

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Take Care, Frank

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