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Hi all.

After a long absence since my Eldorado got stolen, I'm looking for another car - possibly a CTS, unless I can find a 50k or less ETC with a sunroof out there in pristine shape . . .

So, what is the story on the CTS? Are they reliable? What is the best of the year models to buy? What options are indispensable?


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Depending on your price range, for the CTS I would recommend 2004+ 3.6L CTS with navigation and sunroof.

2004-2007 pretty similar. Sport model means has the FE3 suspension. Base models get FE1, lux models FE2. By specifying with Nav you are more certain to get a fully optioned model, regardless of whether you want the nav system itself.

2008 3.6L DI engine for 304hp, new exterior design, new interior improvements, but still pricey.

I would avoid the 2003 3.2L model, as well as the 2.8L model. Nothing wrong with the 2.8L but not enough savings over the 3.6L for the difference in performance.

As an alternate, look for a RWD STS of the same years; they tend to have better standard equipment but worse resale value, so a great used car value.


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Oh, a sunroof is a complete requirement! I like the styling of the CTS more than the STS, but I'm going to go take a look at some. I was checking the prices, and you're right - there are great deals out there in the 15k range with not may miles on them at all.

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