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2000 cadillac deville dts overheating help

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i just bought a 2000 cadillac deville dts at auction (big mistake) and i'm having overheating problems. i've already replaced the thermostat witch was broken, a censer witch was burned out, had the radiator flushed, pressure tested (witch was fine), had the heater core checked (witch was also fine) put in new coolant, replaced the head gasket (witch was damaged and a big job) and still its overheating. i'm at wits end and don't know what to do next. even at a idle it overheats in about 10-15 minutes. anyone have any ideas?

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OK, check the air purge line, it begins at the throttle body. I am not sure what it looks like on a 2000, but there is a 'bolt with a hole in it' that is connected to the coolant/waterpump crossover, that if it gets clogged will not allow air out of the cooling system. At the top of your coolant tank, there is a hose that goes in coming from that bolt, while the engine is cool, pull that hose off the tank and see if you have coolant flowing, it should flow quickly...

Are your cooling fans working?

How is your water pump belt and tensioner?

Does your cooling system hold pressure?

Who did your head gasket?, were both replaced? Was the engine timeserted?

I assume that your are using a 50/50 mix of dexcool and water/distilled water?

I assume that the cap on your coolant tank is holding pressure?

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well its been a crazy ride but my dts is finally running. the purge line was clogged but be fore i could see if that fixed the overheating the oil pump blew, after a lengthy dismantling to reach the oil pan only to realize that the pump is not located there (unlike every other car I've worked on) i eventually found it (the gear in side was completely destroyed), replaced it and reassembled the whole thing it now works like a charm. so i would just like to thank you guys for all your help

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