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Hello Everyone,

I have a 1995 cadillac sls 4.6L V8 and I am having some issues with the electrical system. Here are the symptoms ...... The car will not start and when it does it idles at 1000 rpm when the average rpm idle is about 650. the speedometer is not working and the information center says "traction disabled" and the car will intermitantly stall while driving. The codes are as follows I034 current, I039 current, T077 current, T073 current. Can anyone give me a quick, easy inexpensive fix for this problem.

The instructions to access and reset the codes was excellent and useful, yet I don't know what to do with this information now.

Thank you in advance for your expertise!

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Could be alot of different things. As for the hard starts, check your Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR), and fuel pump. Your high idle could be caused by a bad Idle Air Control (IAC), or EGR valve. I would clean your MAF sensor, throttle body, IAC, EGR, and see if your idle problem gets better. Hard starts could also be caused by fouled plugs.

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I034 Loss of Powertrain Control Module Data

I039 Loss of Road Sensing Suspension Data

T073 PCM - EBTCM/EBCM Pulse Width Modulation Signal Fault

T077 -- I don't have that one

All of these codes are current, which means that they are detected every time you turn on the key. Your network between the IPM (dashboard) and PCM (engine module) is disconnected, as is the EBTCM. This will put the car in the default modes for engine including fuel injection, and suspension. Since it doesn't have engine temperature information it will be hard starting when cold, will idle high, and will shift rough.

If you recently had your car power-washed, let it dry thoroughly and reset the codes. If they persist, then pop the hood and look for loose or disconnected wiring harness plugs, particularly on the PCM. Look under the air cleaner and low on the driver's side behind and under the air cleaner. If you want to get specific, the network is on the purple wire.

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