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I would like to write this as a generic response we can add to the FAQ file, to supplement the current passkey error article, so everyone please review and revise if needed:

The antitheft systems reads a resistor value on your key. Once the ignition tumbler and the key have become worn, they have difficulty making good contact.

First, try the other key. (you tried this).

Second try spraying WD-40, which is a lubricating oil, on the key and sliding it in to the ignition, remove it, clean it off, repeat.

This can clean off the contacting surfaces and help.

Finally, you will have to replace the ignition tumbler switch. You want to do this in such a way that you don't have to also replace the keys at the same time to avoid the additional expense if the keys are not worn. You do this by measuring the resistance of your current keys then 'cherry picking' one from the dealer parts bin with that resistance(?) If, as is more likely, the keys and ignition are both worn, you actually want new keys anyway.

There is an alternate in which you simply bypass the signal from the steering column to the computer from this feature. Under this plan you measure the resistance of the chip in your key, and compare it to the known resistance values here. Non-Caddyinfo articles here or here discuss how to design a circuit that will send a constant good input to the system. The car will no longer have theft protection then however.


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There's a little more information in this thread:


WARNING: I'm a total car newbie, don't be surprised if I ask a stupid question! Just trying to learn.


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