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I need some advice from you caddy experts. I have a 96 sedan deville which runs strong. I want to upgrade performance and get some better gas mileage because 200+ mi trips happen frequently. The car is stock, the first thing I want to do is change the exhaust and do so fairly cheaply. Is the Super Turbo the best way to go for this? What about the chip... Most consider it unprogramable. Could a Concours chip replace the stock one? Is it reprogramable? Would lighter wheels make much of a difference? Is there any economical way to improve air in without making the check engine light come on?

Looking for a little help from some of you better versed in NS performance. Also, family has a 98 deville which seems to handle much better- why is this so? Is there any economical way to stiffen things up a bit?

Thanks guys;

Caddy Jack

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A free flowing exhaust in itself can improve gas mileage; however it can also cause the driver to accelerate in a rush more frequently, which can cause a drop in mpg.


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